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Guía de supervivencia de los CEOs

Download to learn:

  • Major roles and competencies of a CEO
  • Common pitfalls among first-time CEOs
  • Tools and advice from executive coaches and thought leaders
  • Tips from seasoned CEOs

About the Guide:

Taking on the role of CEO is just the start of a journey. While you bring a wealth of experience to the position, nothing can fully prepare you for the demands. As a result, first-time CEOs can feel overwhelmed, indecisive or lonely. This first-time CEO survival guide addresses the root of those symptoms and provides direction to create a rewarding path forward for yourself and your business.

About Vistage:

At Vistage, we have cracked the code on how leaders learn. This means that Vistage members grow their companies 2.2X the rate of industry average. How does it work? Through our 60 years of experience studying and collaborating with over 100,000 CEOs: we know CEOs. Interested in learning more about joining over 25,000 fellow executives as a Vistage member? Explore membership here.

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